Meet the Dental Marketing Guy!

Justin "DMG" Morgan AKA the "Dental Marketing Guy" is every bit of what his name suggests he is. With a knack for innovations and a head for marketing, Justin is one of the first people to have created his own niche in the dental marketing scenario in the US.

As an expert committed to  provide his best to his clients, Justin took no half measures in educating himself on Dental Marketing when his dentist client came up to him for help with their dental practice. The results from Justin's intervention were excellent and this made him even more eager to learn as much about Dental Marketing as he could.
Justin wasn't too fond of heavy honorifics like "Expert" & "Guru" and in time his clients started referring to him as the Dental Marketing Guy and the name stuck eventually creating one of the most reliable brands in the field.
When he is not helping dentists with their practices, Justin spends his time coaching wresting and mixed martia…